H2O Block Technology

Mother Nature is unpredictable, but we’ve got you covered. At CORE® we’ve equipped all of our tents and shelters with our H2O Block Technology so you’ll be prepared for the elements when you least expect it.

Our fabrics for tents and shelters are treated with a PU (polyurethane) Coating. This helps rain and water pill and roll off the fabric instead of penetrating the fabric. The PU Coating also helps resist dirt and stains making it easy to wipe clean when you’re done with your adventure.

With a 1200mm hydrostatic rating, we can prove we’ve put our tents to the test. This means our fabrics will withstand 1200mm of resting water in an isolated spot without leaking through the other side.

Our seams use a technique of inverted stitching. This adds multiple layers for protection instead of a standard overlap seam.

To ensure those seams won’t leak, we’ve used a new technology of taped seams that give even more protection. With extra wide, thick tape that is heat sealed to the fabric, wind and rain doesn’t stand a chance.