A Magnetic 36 Can Soft Cooler with a detachable shoulder strap and a top carrying handle. The cooler is primarily gray with dark gray accents and features a front zippered pocket with the text "CORE" above it.
A woman and a young girl are sitting on a CORE weighted blanket outdoors. The girl, in a floral dress, is sitting on a CORE Magnetic 36 Can Soft Cooler and pointing into the distance. The woman, wearing a cap and sunglasses, has her arm around the girl. Trees and soccer field are visible in the background.
An image of a gray CORE Magnetic 36 Can Soft Cooler with a shoulder strap, front pocket, and magnetic lid. The bag is “16.5” inches high, “10.5” inches wide, and “14.5” inches long, holds 36 cans, and features 3-day ice retention and leak-proof design.
Illustration of a waterproof cooler with two examples shown: one with the lid open, highlighting the CLIMATEKEEP magnetic ring for easy content access, and one with the lid closed, showing a leakproof water-tight seal for transport. Text emphasizes equal ice retention in both examples.    Product Name: Magnetic 36 Can Soft Cooler Brand Name: CORE
An image of a cooler labeled with features. The CORE Magnetic 36 Can Soft Cooler is open, showing a bright green interior. Features include a ClimaKeep magnetic seal, waterproof zipper, durable materials, dry zone, bottle opener, side pockets, and floatable leakproof construction. Text at the top reads "YOUR COMPANION IN COOL.
Magnetic 36 Can Soft Cooler
Illustration of a CORE Magnetic 36 Can Soft Cooler with text explaining its ice retention under different temperatures. Left side shows the cooler under 72°F with "3 DAYS of Ice Retention" and a cloud and sun. Right side shows the cooler under 100°F with "1 DAY of Ice Retention" and a bright sun.
Magnetic 36 Can Soft Cooler
Gray CORE Magnetic 36 Can Soft Cooler with a zipper pocket on the front. A mesh pocket holds a smartphone. The cooler has a sturdy handle on top and features a modern design. The word "CORE" is printed on the front.
Close-up of a gray and black CORE Magnetic 36 Can Soft Cooler. The cooler features a sturdy gray fabric strap with a buckle closure and a metallic bottle opener attached to the front. There is also a pocket visible near the bottom of the cooler
The image shows a close-up of a rectangular, gray, CORE Magnetic 36 Can insulated cooler bag with a handle on the top. The bag also features a lid with a magnetic zipper. The design suggests it is used for keeping items cool and portable.

Magnetic 36 Can Soft Cooler

Regular price$ 149.99

  • EASY TO OPEN ACCESS: Enjoy less zip and more sip with our CLIMAKEEPTM magnetic seal. This innovative feature ensures your cooler stays closed, locking in cold air even when fully unzipped. Seamlessly access your food and drinks with one-handed ease.
  • SUPERIOR ICE RETENTION: CORE HYPERCOLD insulation is designed to maintain ice and keep items cold. With high-density EVA foam and reflective PET film, our cooler ensures your contents stay cold for up to 3 days.
  • LEAKPROOF & WATERPROOF: With a waterproof zipper and fully welded construction, this cooler can float in the water while creating a watertight seal to keep your contents dry and secure.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made of premium abrasion-resistant materials and high-quality reinforced fabrics, the TPU shell will withstand wear and tear, ensuring the tough exterior is ready to handle any adventure.
  • PORTABILITY: Designed with multiple carry options, transport is easy for any adventure. The waterproof dry zone front pocket organizes essentials, while the true-stretch side pockets and built-in bottle opener provide quick access to snacks and drinks. This cooler is perfect for carrying wine bottles!

3-Year Limited Warranty

Model Number 40333
Interior Dimensions 12 in (W) x 8 in (D) x 13 in (H)
Exterior Dimensions 14.5 in (W) x 10.5 in (D) x 16.5 in (H)
Volume 18.6L
Capacity 36 cans
Capacity With Ice 18 cans
Ice Capacity 20 lbs (9.1 kg)
Empty Weight 5.3 lbs (2.4 kg)
Ice Retention 3 days
WARNING: CORE coolers are not compatible with dry ice. Use of dry ice will damage the cooler and may cause explosion of the cooler due to trapped gas.
WARNING: Do not leave cooler unattended in the presence of children or animals. Entrapment and suffocation can occur.
WARNING: This product contains magnets. Placing near a pacemaker may cause interference.

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