Tent Footprints - What Are They?

9 person dome tent above tarp footprintIf you've ever been camping, you know that sometimes the perfect views don't always come with the perfect terrain for your tent. You may have also wrestled with tarps that are too big and suddenly, your camping trip is off to a rocky start! Worry not, friends. CORE is here, once again, to make things less complicated. Our tent footprints are perfectly sized for extra protection below your tent floor.

Sleep soundly knowing that CORE has got your back with reinforced corners, attached elastic stake loops, durable polyethylene material, and no stress.

To keep the footprint in place, stake out footprint using the same stakes you use to stake out the tent!

Lay out the footprint on a flat cleared off surface where you’d like to place your tent and assemble your tent on top of the footprint. The perfect addition to the perfect campsite. Shop Here!


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