Core® Instant Technology

Core® Instant Technology

At Core® our goal is to make camping more comfortable and less complicated. That’s why we designed Instant Technology.

Unlike traditional tents, instant tents have pre-attached poles. This means all the poles are already connected to the tent and in the correct place. This eliminates the process of assembling the poles and sliding them through sleeves.

 In the center of the poles is the durable plastic polymer hub. The instant hub is equipped with hinges and a spring so the poles can go from being inverted to extended into the correct position within second.

The steel poles slide into place by pulling apart at the top and bottom of the pole until the locking button clicks. The locking buttons secure the poles in place and ensure the correct assembly of the tent.

Follow the easy steps in the instruction manual for each instant tent to set up within minutes so you have more time for doing the things you really enjoy.


  • Rocio Bolan

    I want to know if there is replacement parts for pop up tents. A 6 person instant tent was open improperly and black circle where poles are attach broke. Is that replaceable?

  • Palata Kazenene

    Great quality. Great product. Job well done.

    Will be buying soon for film location setup.

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