Lumens that Impress

Deciding which lighting product that is best for you can be overwhelming. Here at CORE® all of our lighting products are tested on the highest standards so you know you’re getting the perfect light for you.

The ANSI/PLATO FL1 2016 Standard is a testing and reporting method that holds manufactures accountable for the performance claims of their lighting products. This means all of our lighting products have been tested to industry standards and you can compare products fairly based on the performance of light output, beam distance, run time, impact resistance, and more.

When shopping, here are the main things you want to look for:

Lumens: The unit of measurement the total light output of a product.  

Run Time: How long the product will run with fresh batteries until the light output reaches 10% of the initial measurement.

Beam Distance: The distance, measured in meters, at which the light projects a useful amount of light.

Impact Resistance: The height, measured in meters, from which the light can be dropped onto cured concrete and still work properly

Water Resistance: Rating at IPX4 this means the light has been tested against water sprayed from all angles after preforming the impact resistant test.

For more information you can visit the PLATO website to understand how to compare lighting for the best product for your adventure.