Floor Size Center Height Instant Setup

7 ft x 3.5 ft

With a 7 ft x 13.5 ft footprint this shower is the perfect size for an adult to shower while still being compact

84 inch Center Height

Two Room Design

84 inch center height and two room design gives you enough room to stand and shower comfortably while providing privacy for a changing room 

1 minute Set up

Core® Instant Technology with pre-attached poles and scissor joints makes setup quick and easy
50 UV Protection H20 Block Blatter

50+ UV Protection

Not all outdoor fabrics are created equal. This product uses specially formulated fabric to block out over 97% of UV rays

Water Drain Padded Floor 

Designed with a padded floor surrounded by mesh, your barefoot feet will stay safe and water will drain to keep the interior of the tent dry

Hand Held Shower

Included 5 gallon hand held solar shower. Let it soak up the sun to heat water and twist shower head to provide water