CAMP Influencers

At CORE Equipment, our goal is to encourage people to experience the outdoors with the ones who matter most through thoughtfully designed user-friendly products. Our product line currently includes tents, sleeping bags, portable lighting, camp chairs, and more.

CORE Ambassador Marketing Partnership (CAMP)

The goal for this project is to connect with a broad range of creators who enjoy the outdoors, whether they be experienced outdoorspeople, or first-time campers.


Program Perks

  1. Free gear!!!!!
  2. Generous, personalized, discount code to be used by you and your audience
  3. Being able to connect and work with others who enjoy the outdoors
  4. The exposure to gain and build a new audience
  5. The opportunity to cultivate a brand relationship with a company which has proven strong growth rate

Who You Are

    • We're looking for a broad range of people, as we feel our category is open to anyone and everyone
    • You're someone who enjoys experiencing the outdoors, or wants to experience the outdoors
    • If you're an experienced camper, awesome! If you've never camped before but would like to try it, double awesome!
  • You're someone who feels their platform may benefit from learning more about the outdoors, and sharing their outdoor experiences.

Join Us

If this sounds like you, then please consider joining the 'CORE Ambassador Marketing Partnership' (CAMP). We want to make the outdoors as accessible and enjoyable as we can. Partnering with you offers us a way to experience setting up camp and sharing a s'more with our audience so we can better understand what they want and need. Let's get this outdoors party started. Apply now!


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