1250 Lumens

With a max light output of 1250 lumens, this light is perfect for the campsite, hiking trails, projects around the house, and emergency situations.

Bluetooth Speaker

Use the control panel to connect your portable device to the speaker's bluetooth (Pairing name: Core Speaker Lantern). Decrease/Increase volume, play/pause, or skip a song all from the lantern's control panel, or conveniently from your phone!

Dual Charge Capabilities

Plug the provided USB into your wall adaptor and the other end into the lantern. A solid green light will indicate a full charge. It can, also, be used as a power bank. The USB output port can supply power to your cell phones, fitness trackers, digital cameras, and other small electronics.  

IPX-4 Rating

This light is built to work while exposed to common inclement weather such as light rain, but please do not submerge.