#BackyardCamp Outdoor S'more Weekend S'more Recipes

#BackyardCamp Outdoor S'more Weekend S'more Recipes

Are you a classic S'mores eater or do you like to mix it up?

To celebrate Outdoor S'more Weekend, we are giving you 5 ways to make S'mores, with recipes curated by our very own CORE Equipment Staff! Pick your favorite creation and try it out! See how ours turned out below!👇😋

🌚 Hillary's Midnight S'more - Fully roasted black marshmallow + Dark Chocolate

🥜🍫 Julie's PB Cup S'more - Reese's Peanut Butter Cup instead of regular chocolate!

🍃🏔️Will's Mint Mountain S'more - Andes Mint Chocolates instead of regular chocolate

😇 Alicia's Holy Rolo S'more - Rolos instead of regular chocolate for a caramel chocolatey s'more!

🥜🍌 Taylor's PBB (Peanut Butter Banana) S'more - Peanut Butter, Banana, and marshmallow!

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  • Jennifer Oas

    Smore hack while traveling- fudge stripe cookies and marshmallows. Less to pack! Kind of sickening sweet but kids love ‘em. We broke in our 9-p extended dome this summer traveling with the kids and the dog during pandemic hell. LOVE OUR TENT. We stayed dry despite downpours and even one night with puddling between the floor and the footprint – no other tent Ive owned would have performed like this! Only request is a longer rain fly for more side protection on the extended ends and more friendly door zippers.

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