#BackyardCamp Outdoor S'more Weekend Marshmallow Guide

#BackyardCamp Outdoor S'more Weekend Marshmallow Guide

What's your idea of a perfectly roasted 'mallow? Here's our guide to achieving your ideal toastiness! Example pics below! ⬇️

1. Rare - Like your marshmallow as is? Do nothing!
2. Medium Rare - Lightly roast over a low flame or coals
3. Medium - half golden/ half white. Roast over glowing coals, BUT not for too long!
4. Medium Well - Crispy golden brown all over. Roast over glowing coals slowly turning to toast all sides!
5. Well Done - Find a flame and let it catch! 🔥Hot tip: don't blow the flame out and instead let it go out on its own, for ultimate crispy outside and gooey inside!

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